Maton SRS808c Review


Whenever we talk about Maton in the shop, our eyes glaze over as we’re thinking about some of the nicest guitars we’ve have had the pleasure to play. This feeling was there when I picked up the latest SRS808C we just landed.

The SRS808c is a relatively new addition to the Maton family, only hitting store in the last couple of years. The solid road series draw parallels between the incredibly popular bluegrass model (bg) made famous by Tommy Emanuel. This latest model however, has a few tweaks to up the tone and playability. The bracing has been shifted, strengthened and locked to a greater 15ft radius. I realise that this is some technical mumbo-jumbo, but basically it has allowed the guitar to be more durable through the added strength while also improving the tonal response. The new bracing design also drastically increased the bass response, which is something small body guitars often lack.

So lets talk about the model I played, we have a had a bunch of 808s in over the last two years and I’ve found them to be fairly consistent as a far as tone goes. As every acoustic will sound slightly different, this is a testament to Maton’s stringent wood selection process. The guitar I played, had a beautiful voice with lows that weren’t too punchy, mids that didn’t jump out too much, and silk highs which tied together the whole fingerpicking friendly image. The intonation was spot on, and the action low enough to play almost effortlessly, but not so low that there was excessive string buzz. All in all, the guitar sounded amazing and felt great to play.

The woods used on this guitar were also stunning, with a straight grain western red cedar top, and deep black wood back & sides. The finish really shows off the depth of the blackwood, which changes overtime you look at it. The neck is a nice piece of Queensland maple, capped with rosewood, and pearl inlays.

Maton if anything are known for the impeccable on-stage sound, the new AP5-Pro installed every SRS808 lives up to their reputation. The pickups allows you to blend an under-saddle piezo and condensor microphone together, this makes for defined and natural plugged in sound.



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