Drums & Stuff FAQ

We get asked these questions quite a lot in the store, so we wrote them up for you! 


Warming up? 

It is always a good idea to warm up your wrists with a few stretches or some rudiments, just like running, you may hurt yourself if you don't stretch first. Any simple pattern that you know and are confident with is a good way to start. 


How should my drums be set up? 

There is a lot of controversy about the best way to set up your drums. But most clinicians will agree that the drums should facing mostly towards the ceiling and angled slightly towards you. You should also set your stool so you can comfortably reach the drums.  


Is technique important? 

YES! Drum technique can save you from spending money on sticks/cymbals and skins and also save you from damaging to your muscles & ligaments. Technique is essential to playing and sounding good! 


What is the difference between wood-tip and nylon-tip sticks? 

The tips of wood-tip sticks are shaped into one of a number of standard forms using a lathe, depending on the model type. Nylon-tip sticks feature a hollow nylon tip contoured into one of a similar variety of shapes, which is mounted onto a post at the playing end of the stick and glued into place. Drummers tend to choose one over the other because of the way the tips react to cymbals – generally, wood tips provide a darker, woodier sound while nylon tips provide a sharper, brighter sound.


How do I muffle a bass drum? 

Most bass drums are muffled using a number of possible materials and techniques. Drummers are known to use pillows, towels, packing blankets, foam rubber, felt strips, and newspaper, as well as commercial bass drum muffling systems. Some drummers barely touch the batter head with muffling material for an open sound; others choose to deaden the head using dampeners such as gel pads, control rings or gaffer.


Should I tighten my tension rods in a certain order?  

Yes. It’s best to use the crisscross pattern (below) to ensure that the head is tuned evenly and stays square to the drum. 


How much should I practice?

This is the big question isn’t it? More than you currently are, in fact turn off your computer and get started now!



Drum Tuning & Tightening
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