Cole Clark Angel 2 BB Review


Cole Clark are best known for their innovative steel string guitars, they decided to switch things up a bit when they began designing their acoustics.

Their Angel series guitars are modelled after a Grand Auditorium shape with some interesting twists. The body of the guitar is ‘built around the neck’ with a Spanish Heel allowing for more sonic transfer between the neck and top, rather than a neck being installed on a pre-made body like most guitars.  In addition to the neck, the top and back of the Angel has been precision carved to allow for incredible resonance in a small body.The QLD Maple neck has a nice fat profile great   for  chords and  for  finger-style, and it’s capped with a rosewood fingerboard. 

The Angel 2 I played featured Indigenous Australian Woods; Tasmanian Blackwood for the top, back and sides. This combination allowed for a nice balance between overtones and control. Blackwood is often compared to Hawaiian Koa, which is warm sounding tone-wood that sill holds onto a certain clarity. The Blackwood fosters the overtones which sound fantastic in the Auditorium body, creating powerful fundamental tones which gives the guitar fantastic clarity when strumming and picking. The Angel also produces  a surprising amount of bass, which blends beautifully with the mids.

Cole Clarks 3-Way pickup system is mind blowing, the system combines an under-saddle piezo, face sensor, and condensor  microphone. You can define the sound you want by choosing the balance between piezo and sensor, and then you can add the mic in to roll off some of the harshness in the highs.

Everything considered, this guitar is a great buy for intermediate to advanced players who are likely to gig and plug the guitar in.  The acoustic properties of the guitar are stunning and the exceptional pickup will make you want to gig!




AN2.1 AN2.2


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